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Tera Plast India Pvt. Ltd., is a four year old company which is into manufacturing of Plastic Commercial Egg Trays, Chicks Transport Trays and Cage Chick Feeders. We are one of the top suppliers of Commercial Plastic Egg Trays in India. Our capacity to produce more than 15,000 Egg Trays per day helps us to deliver large orders in a short period. We manufacture wide variety of Plastic Commercial Egg Trays customised as per the customer requirement. We are known for prompt delivery of orders and superior quality of our products. Though we are based in Hyderabad, we have permanent stock points in Karnataka (Bellary) and in Tamilnadu (Namakkal) which enables a quick delivery in these states. We also do customised manufacturing services for International poultry equipment manufacturers to reduce their cost of production.

We are guided by the principles of honesty and integrity taught to us by our Founder, Late Sri. Mandava Atchaiah. We inculcated the attitude of looking beyond horizons from our Chairman Sri D. Rama Mohan Rao.

We endeavour to innovate and develop new products for the benefit of our customers. Our attitude to look beyond horizons has helped us to find a solution for the long pending problem of transport breakage of oversized commercial eggs in India. We are the only company in India to introduce Rodent Resistant Egg Trays and Anti-Microbial Chick Transport Trays. Three decades of our promoters experience in poultry industry has given us a clear insight of the day to day problems faced in poultry farming and has taught us the importance of innovation.

Our group includes of Tera Plast India Pvt. Ltd., TP Equipments and Avian Agencies.

Our group firm AVIAN AGENCIES is the sole distributor of all poultry equipment of "FAMILY" Brand for the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.

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