Only Anti - Microbial Chick Transport Tary in India

Chick Transport Tray

Capacity Dimension (in cms) Colours Available
40-60 Chicks/Tray 496 x 330 x 146 Red, Blue and Yellow

Our Chick Transport Trays are used to safely transport Day Old Chicks from Hatcheries to the commercial farms.

As chicks have a limited store of nutrients at the hatch, the conditions in transport have a significant impact on their physiological condition. We have designed our Chick Transport Tray with utmost care to deal with the oxygen shortage and provide unhindered ventilation.

Our trays permit tower staking during storage and transport.

The surface of our tray is smooth and non-stick in nature and can be washed and disinfected easily. The anti-microbial property of our product does not allow microbes to live or grow in the pores of the plastic where the disinfectant may not reach, thereby eliminating the possibility of contamination.

Chick Transport Tray
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